Friday, August 13, 2010

You call this OJT?

I just can't say enough about the mettle of our service men and women. They are showing such courage and class as they try to keep terrorism off our shores.

You can argue all you want about the justification of these two wars, but George Bush showed us what a dignified President does when he and Laura greeted the homecoming troops last week. Obama just doesn't understand how the majority of Americans feel about tributes and tradition.

He chose a fund raiser over the Memorial Day tribute to the Unknown soldier. He chose a photo op on "The View" over the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts celebration. In an economy desperately in need of an infusion of money, he sends his family to spend nearly $100,000.00 taxpayer dollars on a European vacation! C'mon Mr. President. At least make a veiled attempt at supporting this economy yourself.

He is treating this Presidency like a someone who just won an unlimited free shopping spree at the local department store. Change? More like slight of hand. Hope? More like hype. Transparency? More like invisibility.

Where are the press conferences? Non existent because they can't be scripted and no teleprompters. Our presidents are supposed to mature in office not regress!


Ms Z said...

Right on Big Al - thats exactly right on all points. Some people just "never get it" and I believe our President in that category!

Big Al said...

Well, Ms Z, what can you expect form a man that had a replica of a Greek temple built for his nomination acceptance speech. That's a pretty long way from being in touch with the people.