Friday, August 20, 2010

This just in.....

George W. Bush is fast approaching the mid-point of his 3rd term as President.

Although governing in absentia this term, his policies are still responsible for most of the nation's ills. Barack Obama, titular President since January 20th 2009, continues to point out how Dubya’s refusal to give up the office makes his job so difficult that only 41% of Americans think Obama is actually President.

As a case in point, Mr. Obama is facing stiff criticism for his plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire. In today's prepared remarks, the interim President stated: “how the American people think having more money in their paycheck is a good thing is beyond me! This money could be doing much more good for the folks out there who have better things to do than work”.

When reached for comment, Mr. Bush, in his typical self-effacing manner, said: “I hold Mr. Obama blameless for the poor polling numbers he is experiencing. If I was doing my job instead of playing cowboy out here in Texas, maybe the voters wouldn’t be at each others throats over this capitalism vs. socialism brouhaha”.

For his part, Mr. Obama, as he was leaving for his 4th vacation of the summer, said rather smugly: “don’t worry, we know we will defeat him in the 2012 election and we will be shed of him for good”.

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