Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new medical term?

Keyboard dyslexia. Ever had it? I do.

How can someone who has no problem reading or speaking be so inept at typing. It may be because I type too fast but a real typist would laugh at that notion. Maybe I should not look at the keyboard so much. I actually seem to do better when I don't. But still there are the transposed letters, missing letters, extra spaces and at times, totally cryptic words spilling out of my fingers.

Before the word processor, I would spend more time correcting mistakes than actually typing new words. Now, at least, with the processor, I can fix my mistakes so fast that I can finish within a reasonable time. Except for this unsolicited confession you probably wouldn't have suspected. Thank God for spell checker. Between that and several proof readings I can appear to be coherent. Even at that, I still see mistakes after I post something and have to sign back in to correct them.

Anyway, I thught I wo uld let yuo knot    tha passting thiss blog is   nut a eazy asit luoks.

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