Sunday, November 28, 2010

"I was against this celebration before I was for it"

In one of the most incredible displays of hubris in recent memory, your favorite "almost President" and mine, John Kerry, has surpassed even his most ardent supporter's expectations.

In an article from, it was revealed that Mr. Kerry has rented out the 2000 seat Boston Symphony hall for $85,000 from his campaign cache. He is throwing a party to celebrate his 25 years in the senate and 45 years of public service. The cost of attending this ranges from $70 per ticket to $4800. No, that's not a misprint.

This is unbelievable  on so many levels I'm not sure where to start. But here goes.

Call me dumb but when a person reaches a milestone in their career, doesn't somebody else usually throw them a party to honor them? To have to arrange your own celebration and use money from your campaign contributions should give you pause shouldn't it? I guess getting beaten by "W", who everyone supposedly thought was a dolt and the worst President ever didn't provide any clues, huh?

Also, isn't it a little insensitive to choose this time of year to solicit money? The holidays is when many charities campaign for donations for their worthwhile causes. Folks are in a more giving spirit and more likely to help at this time of year. Kerry is the richest Senator in the country with individual net worth at around 239 million. He has 2.7 million in his campaign war chest even though his next reelection bid is still four years away. But being the clever politician that he is, he sees this as a good chance to "get part of the action".

Of course, many of entertainment's elites will be in attendance. I can think of a few other more deserving causes that they could lend their fame and fortune to. Aren't they the ones who rail at the rich Republicans in America who don't care about the poor and don't pay enough taxes.? So what do they do? They have a little $4800 a plate get together to help Kerry raise money to pay the taxes on his yacht. Do you think that maybe this was why Kerry didn't connect with the little guy in 2004?

Phil Johnston, former Massachusetts Democratic Party leader is helping to organize this Dec 13th gala. In a statement he said, and I quote, "It’s a measure of John Kerry's strength among Democrats that this event should be hugely successful." That kind of says it all about liberal Democrats doesn't it.

In 2010's understatement of the year, Boston University political professor Thomas Whalen said the extravagant blowout "could be a turnoff to struggling Bay Staters." Guess that's why you're a professor, Tom.
For those of you who were wondering if Kerry could fill the shoes of arrogance and entitlement of the late Teddy Kennedy, wonder no more.

"Johnny, we hardly know ye". And that's good.

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