Monday, January 3, 2011

And this year I resolve to...........


Ten New Year's resolutions I would LOVE to hear from each member of congress:

1. I resolve to cut spending as if my mortgage depended on it. It should.

2. I resolve to repeal Obamacare. If we replace it at all,  it will be with a bill that doesn't require Medicare being the "fall guy".

3. I resolve to freeze my pay until the Cost of Living Adjustment is reinstated into Social Security.

4. I resolve to remind myself daily that, if these government imposed social programs are so necessary for the "good of the people", then they should never be considered for reductions for people who have been forced to pay into them for decades.

5. Regarding resolution #3. I resolve also to never vote myself a pay increase unless approved by my boss, i.e. the American people, in a special election. But then only after an increase of COLA.

6. I resolve to never again castigate Wall Street for unsavory business practices and then turn around and print money to fund pork, earmarks and pet projects. Oh, and to get votes.

7.  I resolve that I will never refer to maintaining current tax rates as a "tax cut." The taxpayers will be paying the same amount (more for estates) not less. It is their money they are keeping, not ours.

8. I resolve I will never go back home to a town hall meeting and tell my constituents they don't know what's good for them. They do.

9. I resolve that I will never again pass a bill that I haven't read or that is too long to possibly read. I especially will not vote for a bill because "that's the only way to find out what's in it!"

10. I resolve that if I renege on any of these resolutions, I will give back any salary that I have collected and apologize to the American people.

Signed________________Representative/ Senator
Your humble employee.

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