Saturday, December 11, 2010

UN climate conference suggests International Climate Justice Tribunal

Sometime in the future……………

Policeman: “Sir, may I ask where you were heading when I pulled you over.”

Motorist: “Yes officer, I was on my way to buy some crack from a friend.”

Officer: “That’s fine son, drugs have been legalized in this state. May I ask where you’re from?”

Motorist: “I’m from Nuevo Juarez, Mexico. I’ve been living here three years now. I have no visa or passport but I’ve been meaning to get them.”

Officer:  “No problem son, this state is now a sanctuary state for illegals. Is that blood on the front seat?”

Motorist: “Yes officer, my friend and I had a disagreement and we struggled with a knife and he got stabbed."

Officer: “It’s OK son, this state has very liberal self-defense laws. Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Motorist: “No sir.”

Officer: “Do you realize you are not driving a hybrid car?”

Motorist: Yes sir, but it is the only one I could afford. Hybrids are now $850,000.00 and I got this one for $175.00.”

Officer: "May I see your carbon credits card?”

Motorist: “It expired last year.”

Officer: “That’s a sad story son but I’m afraid I will have to arrest you. Please get out and put your hands behind your back"

Motorist: “What’s this about officer?”

Officer: “This state passed a “green driving law.” You will be charged with Ecocide. That’s a capital offense and punishable by death.” 

Motorist: “I would like to talk to my attorney.”

Officer: “Sorry son, the Ecocide statute states that those constitutional rights are abrogated because attorneys emit more CO2 than anyone else. A trial could jeopardize the entire population. Come with me please."

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Cindy B said...

Ecocide...I love it!