Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Obama war efforts frustrated by spelling errors........

Just in........ the word is that team Obama is experiencing dissension behind the scenes. In the most serious of several recent staff disagreements, the push to eliminate the Libyan dictator has been slowed by lack of accord on how to spell his name. 

Obama himself is partial to Qaddafi, while the Secretary of Defense insists it is Khadafi. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, the most erudite of the three was overheard to say in a staff meeting "no, you idiots, it's Gadhafi"!

However, to their credit, they agreed that due to the urgency of the recent escalation of the conflict, and to show a united front to the rest of the world, they would just refer to the dictator as "that evil guy in the desert that dresses real funny".


Bernice said...

That makes me furious. Why can't those idiots get his name right? What are we paying them for if they can't even spell a simple name. Fie on them - fie I say!

Oops, forgot to premedicate.

Big Al said...

Just have a vial in front of the computer at all times. I'll warn you when I write about Algore and you can double up on the dose.