Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Oscar is not enough! Algore reveals plans for new movie.......

Seizing on the recent report by National Geographic that a small nuclear war would reverse global warming and seeking validation for his many postulations on the subject, Algore has announced his plans for a new documentary called "An Inconvenient Detonation".

According to the report published in National Geographic, experts state that even a regional conflagration would produce unprecedented global cooling. Data shows that after a regional conflict, say between India and Pakistan, the temperatures around the earth would cool 2.5 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit each year for the next 3 or 4 years. Of course, if it happened between two superpowers the cooling results would accelerate to the tune of 7.5 degrees Fahrenheit per year.

Gore was forced to come clean when he was recently photographed at Los Alamos trying to procure some enriched uranium and heavy water. In a news conference attended only by Gore's most ardent supporters. i.e. the environmentalist wackos, Al explained that "Detonation" would be a real time documentary. His plans are to have a nuclear device set off at an undisclosed location and blame it on some right wing nutjob who has been unduly affected by all the conservative rhetoric. The knee jerk reaction by other nuclear armed countries would then provide the necessary "nuclear winter" that would reverse the reviled man made global warming trend. Al plans to have camera crews, also equipped with thermometers, stationed around the world filming the event in real time and recording the cooling effects.

While most critics agreed that this is surefire Oscar material, one posed the possibility that Hollywood might no longer exist. To which Gore replied; "There's always Oslo and the Nobel".

In related news, upon hearing of Algore's plans, Michael Moore is reportedly moving up the production date of his new documentary, "Fahrenheit 7.5".

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