Saturday, March 12, 2011

Told you you'd be sorry........

OK, don't say you didn't ask for it. You want got it. This one's dedicated to "Gabby".

A woman had a hobby of doing ceramics. She created some beautiful pieces and was a master at the pottery wheel. Her pieces sold at shows all around the area.

Her husband was jealous. He hardly ever saw her and had to make all his own meals. Deciding that there must be something to this ceramic stuff, he went out to her "barn" and started dabbling with the clay and the wheel. To his surprise, he really enjoyed it.

Before long he was addicted. He just couldn't get enough. He would spend hours, nay, days at a time working on his projects. Taking only time for nature calls and an occasional meal, he worked incessantly. He never took time to shower or shave or get a haircut...nothing that would take him away from his new passion. He was almost unrecognizable.

One day, when they were both working their ceramic wonders, a friend of the wife came by. She was amazed to see this strange looking man working with the wife. Unable to restrain herself, she finally asked the wife "is that your husband"?

To which the wife replied, "no, that's Hairy Potter".

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