Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Four years of the bloodiest war in our history.....and for what? (A test)

"The treatment of the players by the NFL owners amounts to modern day slavery". 

This comment was made by Adrian Peterson, star running back of the Minnesota Vikings, after negotiations broke down between the owners and the players union. He will make 10 million dollars next year. Average salary of all NFL players - $1.8 million.

This blog test will be a multiple choice.

1. This is the most absurd statement since: 
     a.  "I feel your pain"
     b.  "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you"
     c.  "Mine will be a transparent administration"
     d.  "This is a big deal"
     e.  "We'll have to pass this bill to see what's in it"

 2. I hate the NFL because:
     a. I'm against slavery
     b. No one should get $10 million just for running faster than me
     c. It's the cause of my first 3 divorces
     d. It's painful watching 350 pound men wear Capri pants
     e. It's obviously a rip-off of the mini-series "Roots"

3. I would like to become a slave because:
     a. I'd like to make $10 million a year
     b. I'd like to be "average" at my job and still make $1.8 million
     c. I'd like to make an additional $5 million in endorsements
     d. I'd like people to treat me like I'm a hero.
     e. I'd like to have 6 months a year off and still get paid $10 million

This is a self-graded test. 

Correct answers below:

Question #1: a,b,c,d and e
Question #2: a,b,c,d and e
Question #3: a,b,c,d and e


Bernice said...

Curse them all!!! Curse them - the NFL players and their hubris. How dare they!!!! Sorry, I got a little over excited.

Bernice said...

Read an article in the morning's paper that some of the NFL players who don't save some of their earnings, will be in financial trouble if they have no income coming in. Even tho the League tries to educate them on the value of financial planning, many don't follow the advice. They spend their millions as fast as they make them.

Big Al said...

OK Bernice. From now on you must take a Valium before reading my blog.

Bernice said...

Not a bad idea, Al. Premedicate before reading your blogs.