Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Late score: lib think 1 - common sense 0

Once again, lib think has struck a fatal blow against reason and common sense. Attorney General Eric Holder has ordered the Dayton, Ohio police and fire department to lower their standards for passing the civil servants test. Passing grade is now 58% on one section and 63% on another. The reason for all this; not enough blacks are passing the test thereby not filling the numbers required by the minority hiring laws. There are so many incongruities in this decision that it's hard to figure out where to start.

So, let's start with the obvious. It's just plain stupid. Here's a hypothetical. You are suddenly very sick and have to go to the emergency room. The attending physician appears to be unsure of himself. You ask the nurse what's wrong. She replies; "due to minimum minority hiring regulations, the medical licensing exam passing threshold was reduced. This doctor got a 58 and 63 on his tests. By the way, he's ready for your surgery now". Oh, and the doctor in this scenario is white. That's because if you lower standards to accommodate any minority, the number of unfit majority "graduates" will rise as well. Police and fire personnel are the last line of defense in protecting your property and on occasion, your life. Do you really care what color their skin is? Aren't we pretty much past that? Wouldn't you rather know that they were knowledgeable about their job?

And what ever happened to the Constitution? States rights? When did we start thinking it is OK for the federal government to come in and dictate local ordinances? This Dayton civil servants test is consistent with civil exams throughout the country. Don't look now, but have you noticed that since January 2009, the federal government's has assumed many powers that it was never intended to have? To be topical, it's a lot like a tsunami. You may feel personally unaffected now because that wave is still a mile away. But it will surely engulf you shortly if you don't act prudently right now.

In a real sense, this is just another facet of the liberal left's give away programs. The more your very existence depends on them the longer they will remain in power. Feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments is not in the equation. Their thinking: you can't be successful on your own, let us do it for you. But hey, the liberals are the intelligent and intellectual ones. How do we know this? They tell us everyday.

Why aren't blacks outraged and incensed by this? After decades of successfully fighting to get the same opportunities as everyone else, has it now come down to "just give it to us anyway"? I don't believe the majority of blacks think this is a good idea. After all, it's their neighborhoods that need protection too. In fact, the director of the Dayton NAACP, Derrick Foward, came out immediately to renounce this decision. He said, and I quote "The NAACP does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed". For his efforts, he was hushed by the national chairman of the NAACP who took the opposite position. I doubt very much that you will ever hear from Mr. Foward again. They're probably measuring his cement shoes as I write this.

And what about the double standard in the media? If this edict had emanated from the Bush administration, the press would be howling about their insensitivity and callous racism for putting down blacks in America. You know it and I know it.

Apparently the Obama administration's attack on American exceptionalism knows no bounds. If I may paraphrase a famous quote by Winston Churchill, "the inherent vice of free enterprise and competition is an unequal sharing of wealth and greatness; the inherent virtue of socialistic spread-it-around policy is an equal sharing of mediocrity and misery. Yes, you've heard me use this before. Get used to it.


Bernice said...

Tests are not always a good indicator of how an individual might do later, if given the proper training and learning opportunities. There's a very strict, difficult training period for rookies to go through, at which time, the ones who don't measure up are eliminated. I'm not too worried about giving people a chance who score a little low on a test.

Big Al said...

That's a case of the exception proving the rule. Why have a test at all? Why can't anyone just go in and say "I think I'd be a good fireman, train me". Would any worthwhile training ever get accomplished? I doubt it. Training is a very expensive investment and a large part of any budget.

I appreciate your point of view. You're one of the few who has the courage of your convictions and makes comments.

Cindy B said...

There was a lawsuit filed in New Haven. The case (based on black and hispanics failing the test for police and firefighters) went on for years. I didn't follow it closely, but I know the corrupt political machine known as the Democrat mayor and his goons were the initiators. They of course found some slick attorneys. They LOST! Case closed, but what a waste of time.

Big Al said...

Thanks Cindy. I hope whoever fights this uses the New Haven case in their argument.